Week 47

Here are some highlights for leading into Week 47 🙂

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  1. RE: “The reason the richest women in the US….”

    It would be very interesting and fascinating to unpack this!

    – FIRST –

    One thing that immediately sticks out: the income bracket.

    I wonder, if we further divide the lower $500,000 into 4 categories — $500K – $300; $300 – $100K; $100K – $50K; – $50 – destitute) — what the fertility rate is for each of those categories.

    I bet the lowest income bracket have the highest fertility rate, much higher than those in the wealthy income bracket.

    ***** “Two new studies bring the contrasting reproductive profiles of rich and poor women into sharp relief. One, from the Guttmacher Institute, shows that the rates of unplanned pregnancies and births among poor women now dwarf the fertility rates of wealthier women, and finds that the gap between the two groups has widened significantly over the past five years. The other, by the Center for Work-Life Policy, documents rates of childlessness among corporate professional women that are higher than the childlessness rates of some European countries experiencing fertility crises. ”

    This article is old, but the data is still relevant.

    http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2011/09/knocked_up_and_knocked_down.html *****

    – SECOND –

    “… while those in the bottom quarter were generally priced out of the childcare market, opting instead to leave children with relatives and neighbors.”

    Children that grow up with relatives and neighbours are socially, emotionally, and psychologically more well-adapted than those that grow up in a formulaic childcare system, which, no matter how we look at it, is still run by strangers whose one prime motivator for caring is money.

    This is only my polemic against the insinuation that children that grew up with relatives and neighbours are somehow inferior. No solid data. I cannot find (read afford) studies that demonstrate that.

    Multi-generational upbringing of children is far more superior to sending them strangers to teach them how to play.

    – THIRD – FOURTH – FIFTH – lols I won’t bore you with my rant.

    I’m really interested in demography and demographic trends and all this


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