Getting Back On Track

Ugh. I’ve been sucking at sticking to my intended blogging schedule. Sometimes I’m writing these late. Sometimes I’m flat out skipping them.

In fact, over the past several months, I started falling off all my annual goals significantly. I have a bunch of goals I was trying to reach in 2017, spanning from reading to running. But recently I realized how far behind I was falling off each of my goals.

To try and make up for where I fell off, I created a physical poster to illustrate each of my goals and my current progress on each of them. I hung this poster up on the wall next to my bedroom door, hoping that I would see it every day. Then, I would revisit this poster each week during my weekly review and update it with the progress I made towards my goals that week.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress on closing the gaps. They had gotten quite large over the summer when my focus slipped away from my goals for an extended period of time, and the gaps looked like they would likely persist right through to the finish line.

I think the largest problems for me have been lack of visibility into my goals, but also regular tracking of where I am at a given point in time versus where I should be if I’m on track. The poster was a step in the right direction for visibility, but it wasn’t enough. Nor did it give me any information on whether I was where I should be with regards to achieving my goals.

In attempt to address these problems, and also push me to get back on track towards the things I want to achieve, I decided to try some new things this morning.

First, I decided to reset my goals to start again from today. For the rest of 2017, I’ve decided to pursue the same goals but normalized to start from today’s date. This prevents me from getting demotivated over the feeling that I have a unsurmountable task of closing the wide gap between where I am now and where I originally wanted to be at the end of the year.

Second, I’ve put together a daily tracking spreadsheet that I’ll be revisiting daily. This document will provide me both visibility into progress, and also tell me whether I’m on track to reach my goals.

I’ve split this document into three sheets: first, a sheet simply to track all my data each day; second, a sheet to track my goals and my daily goal breakdown (ie. if I was on track to meet my goal, where would I be each day?); third, a sheet to compare these two and highlight areas I need to buckle down on as well as areas I’m doing well.

For me, this is a completely new attempt at keeping on top of my goals. Hopefully it helps me to do a better job of staying on top of things regardless of how busy I am with everything else in my life. At the very least, hopefully breaking down my goals into small, bite-sized steps might help me motivate to make a little bit of progress towards these goals each day.

9 Replies to “Getting Back On Track”

  1. Why do we fall off from our goals?

    I’ve always wondered that.

    Several literature discuss this, but the most disheartening one said that maybe we don’t really love what we think we love.

    Are we disillusioned? Life gets in the way? Reality sinks in?

    I cannot see myself doing anything other than what I do now. I guess I am just a fool who loves something that cannot love me back.

    1. I think people often confuse what they want to do, what they should do, what they have to do, etc. I imagine that is why we fall off of the wagon, at least sometimes.

      When you mention what you do now, are you talking about work? Recreation? Or?

      1. Yeah, I agree. The “want”, “should”, “have to” all confuse me. Most of the time they all seem to be one and the same thing: πŸ’© (kidding)

        About work. Architecture is a terrible lover ⚰️

        Um, what’s the “or”? 😝

          1. @tyler: yeah. i love my lover. but my lover does not love me back πŸ’”

            @leo: that’s correct. but, to use a cliche, it’s the dot on paper situation lols

  2. This is so INTJ. lol

    It’s good to keep track of goals, just don’t stress yourself too much about it and try to cut yourself some slack because I’m pretty sure you did manage to accomplish other important stuff this year despite the fact that you are falling way short on other metrics.

    1. Lols. Do you say it’s INTJ just because both of us do it? πŸ™ˆ

      Not being too hard. But I do want to make sure I’m making progress on those fronts.

      1. Yep. Pretty much doing the same exact thing. Spreadsheets, to-do lists, reminders, reviews and all. I’m already exhausted just seeing your spreadsheets and goal tracking apps. I don’t know where you guys get all the energy to keep track of everything.

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