Week 44

Here are some highlights for leading into Week 44 🙂

One Reply to “Week 44”

  1. – “[…] personality that might seem innocuous or even advantageous […] can wreak havoc on careers and organizations.” —- That’s the last sentence of the first paragraph! WOW! lols

    – This article is a classic example of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t. ”

    – Everything is a pathology to these people.

    – Human engineering. Eugenics! Robotics! Fascism! Nineteen Eighty-Four. Fahrenheit 451. Brave New World.

    – Why can’t we just be flawed human beings? It makes life so much more colourful.

    – The irony of this HBR article is that you strive to control your dark side, only to end up being the most annoying “perfect” employee/person everyone knows!

    – Surely, the dark side of our personalities is not all that bad, I mean look at where we are now!

    – Our history is replete with wonderful achievements, not perfect, but absolutely better.

    – Sorry, Tyler. It’s this rain lols

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