Nothing in Moderation

My pattern of being unable to do things in moderation continues.

The past several years, I haven’t been traveling. Today, I’m in San Francisco to attend Calibrate SF. Next weekend, I’m going to be in Portland to play in Fall Ball IV. Woo!

Calibrate SF is a conference for engineering managers. I’m not sure if I’m mentioned on here before, but I’m currently an Acting Developer Manager at Clio, which essentially means I’m learning and trying out a career change into a management path. At this conference, I’m hoping to learn from the experiences of other managers, and meet some people who I may be able to bounce ideas off of as we both work on becoming better managers.

Although it’s only a one day conference, I’ll be staying San Francisco for the weekend to catch up with a friend who’s moved down there. We met back when we were in co-op at university, and now we only see each other about once a year, so this will be a good opportunity for us to hang out again.

Fall Ball IV will be my first volleyball tournament outside of Vancouver! It seems like the team I’ll be playing with is quite fun, and we may be playing in several tournaments together throughout the year. First time sticking with a static team as well, so that is also an exciting change!

Anyhow, I may provide a more substantial update when I’m home. I don’t actually have my laptop with me while I’m in San Francisco. I scheduled this post a couple days in advance because I didn’t want to lug my laptop across the border ;P

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  1. Hey Tyler, that’s why you were not here with us on Friday! Miss you! Wish you have a nice trip in SF, my dreamy city. I have not been to SF yet, but as I heard, it is really a liberal city. Enjoy your time with friends there.

    Also, best wishes to the game! “Break a leg”!

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