I’m usually a pretty shitty sleeper. It usually takes me a couple hours to fall asleep, and then when I do fall asleep, my sleep is usually quite fragmented and then I have at least one longer period of being wide awake in the middle of the night.

Recently, I’ve been trying a new sleep routine, and it seems to be working pretty well. In particular, I’ve found myself falling asleep much more quickly. I still have that longer period of being wide awake in the nighttime, but otherwise my sleep seems to be less fragmented too.

I bought a diffuser from Saje, which I turn on right when I go to sleep with one of the following diffuser blends: Gratitude, Liquid Sunshine, or Refresh. I find it easier to relax and clear my mind with these aromas wafting into the room. It’s good for when I’m trying to sleep and my mind just doesn’t want to shut off.

Next, I set my timer on my iPhone to “Stop Playing” after 30 minutes. (This feature which comes built into the iOS Timer app stops playing your music, podcast, etc. after the timer runs out.) Then I turn on Shanti (Peace Out) by MC YOGI on my speakers at medium volume, and I just set it to repeat until the timer runs out. This also seems to help clear my mind, or at least give it something else to focus on.

Usually, these two things help me fall asleep pretty quickly.

As for waking up, I’ve also started trying the Philips Wake-Up Light Coloured Sunrise Simulation, which gradually (over the course of ~30 minutes) brightens the room to simulate the sunrise and plays the sounds of birds chirping when it’s time to wake up. So far, I’ve found it’s been pretty good at easing me into an awake state.

In any case, I’ve been trying these things for the past week or so, and so far they seem pretty promising. Hopefully some of these may be useful to other troubled sleepers. Please let me know if you know of any other good tricks that may help for getting a better sleep πŸ™‚

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  1. I heard it’s good to avoid blue light for an hour before bedtime or something like that. It can be done either by avoiding devices with screens or using something like f.lux to filter out the blue light

    1. Ohhh, yes πŸ™‚ thank you for the reminder. I use f.lux as well, and I have glasses that reduce blue light exposure as well πŸ™‚ When I first started limiting exposure to blue light with the glasses, I found it really impacted my sleep cycling; if I put the glasses on earlier, I would also wake up earlier. Unsure if this was actually related, or just a coincidence.

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