There and Back Again

I’m late again on posting my weekly blog post. I’m going to have to start writing these ahead of time because Friday isn’t always the best opportunity for me to make the time to write and post this up.

This weekend, I was out of town for a wedding. It was a good change of pace from my regular every day. I got the chance to recharge a bit while catching up with some friends who I don’t see nearly as much as I would like to. Today, I’m just going to share some of my reflections coming out of this weekend.

As things currently stand, I see a vast majority of my friends, at least from this particular group, probably only once or maybe twice a year. Some of us have moved farther away, but most of us are still in the same city. And although it would be easy for us to text each other, I find that I text some people rarely, and others I only communicate with when we see each other in person.

Despite this seeming disconnect, it’s amazing how when we come together, although it feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages, it also feels like we were never apart. We spend time catching up with each other, finding out what has and what hasn’t changed in each others’ lives. And then shortly after, everything is back to normal. We know each others’ quirks, habits, thought patterns, etc. All the memories and shared experiences we have of the time we shared in the past comes rushing back into the present. And for the present moment, it feels like we were never pulled apart by space and time.

It’s also cool to me to see how we still trust each other despite the distance that grew between us. Some things that are potentially quite vulnerable, scary, or uncomfortable become easier when we decide to do them together. The comfort we feel around each other can help us to overcome some of the obstacles that may have otherwise made similar choices more difficult to choose.

Although it’s great that we can quickly jump back into that, it’s also awesome that we can see how people have been changing. Someone may be more mature, someone may be more organized, someone may be more sensitive. And in other areas, people may remain unchanged. With regards to other things too, paths seem to change over time. People change careers, partners, goals. But it’s always great to see how everyone is moving forward on their own journey at their own pace.

And this all may just be the story I’m telling myself—my mind’s way of making sense of all the observations I have made. But I am grateful that somehow, some way, our paths did cross in the past. I am grateful that we have built up such relationships with many memories and experiences, both good and bad. I am grateful that we’re still connected, though not in the same way we were in the past, and that we can still continue to share more experiences together. And I am grateful that although our own journeys may bring us closer or farther from each other, I am on this path now because of the way our lives have unfolded together thus far.

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